We at Ashansa, rehabilitate children with neurological damages into the mainstream society. We maximize their assets and work to overcome their deficiencies to the fullest extent possible. Beginning 2001, we have rehabilitated number of families as we believe that rehabilitating an individual is rehabilitating the family.

Our Services


In physiotherapy, we primarily work on the lower limbs and the trunk to make the patient mobile. We use NDT and contemporary methods for treating children with gross motor issues. A detailed evaluation is done taking into consideration the child’s abilities and disabilities. All the sensory factors are also considered before a program is formulated. For making goals, parents and the child, all are taken into consideration. Playful activities are done,  making therapy interesting.

Early Intervention

This is started at a very early stage, sometimes even when the patient is in the ICU. Earlier the therapy is started, better is the outcome of treatment. Here, graded inputs that will be tolerated by the infant are given which help the child cope with his neurological compromises to achieve the motor and sensory milestones with ease.

Sensory Integration

Here we teach the patient to use all his senses together, viz touch, vision, hearing, balance and proprioception, to get good functional results.

Occupation Therapy

Here we focus more on the upper limbs so that the individual is functionally independent using his hands. Fine motor skills and visuomotor skills are developed through the use of tactile information for managing all the daily life activities.

Visual Rehabilitation

Visual rehabilitation is  a process that helps to correct visuomotor perceptual problems. It also helps in cognitive deficiencies.

Prosthetic and orthotics

We give assisting devices like shoes, hand splints and crutches. They act as adjuncts to help in their functions, to maintain the joint in most favorable position and  at times even prevent further damage. All the splints are custom made.

Special Education

They help students with special needs in a way that addresses their individual needs . It involves individually planned and systematically monitored teaching. They are designed to help individuals with special needs achieve higher levels of personal self sufficiency and success in school.

Speech Therapy

They specialise in evaluations diagnosis and treatment of communication disorders, cognitive communicative disorders, swallowing disorders etc. They work with disorders related to sucking and swallowing. And also with children who stutter, who have difficulty in sentence formation and with children who have cognitive impairment.


माझा मुलगा अथर्व शिंदे याला जन्माच्या चौथ्या दिवशी फीट आली होती. त्यामुळे त्याच्या मेंदूच्या उजव्या बाजूला दुखापत झाली. आम्हाला डॉक्टरांनी सांगितले की याची प्रगती थोडी उशिरा होईल. दिड वर्षापर्यंत तो फक्त हाताने पुढे सरकत होता.
त्यानंतर आम्ही फिझीओथेरपी चालू केली. तेव्हा डॉ. देसाई यांनी आम्हाला डॉ. सायली हवेले यांचा पत्ता दिला.
आम्ही त्यांच्याकडे थेरपीसाठी गेल्यानंतर ३-४ महिन्यात माझा मुलगा उठून बसू लागला. त्याची उजवी बाजू खूप कमकुवत व ताठरपणा होता. थेरपीमुळे उजव्या हाताची ताकद वाढली. तो हळूहळू त्या हाताचा वापर करू लागला. गुढघ्यावर रांगू लागला. माझ्या मुलाच्या उजव्या पायाची उंची कमी होती. त्यासाठी मॅडमनी सर्जरी करण्याचे सुचवले परंतु आमची परिस्थिती बेताची असल्याने आम्ही तयारी दाखवली नाही.
त्याची उंची व वय वाढत होते परंतु तो स्वतः उभा राहून चालू शकत नव्हता. खूप उशीर झाल्याने आम्ही घरावर कर्ज काढण्याचे ठरवले. परंतु तसे करू नये म्हणून मॅडमनी सर्जरीच्या डॉक्टरांना आमची परिस्थिती समजावून सांगितली. त्यामुळे २०१६ मध्ये एकही पैसा न घेता त्याच्या पायाची सर्जरी झाली. आता माझा मुलगा स्वतः कोणाच्याही आधाराशिवाय ५-७ पावले टाकू शकतो. मॅडम आमच्या व आमच्या मुलाच्या आयुष्यात देव बनून आल्या आहेत. त्या आम्हाला त्यांच्या पेमेंटबद्दल कधीही बोलत नाही. आम्हाला नेहमी समजून घेतात.
मॅडम अत्यंत हुशार व दुसऱ्यांना समजून घेणाऱ्या आहेत. पेमेंटला उशीर झाला म्हणून किंवा लवकर दिले नाही म्हणून त्यांनी थेरपीमध्ये फरक पडू दिला नाही. पैसे नाहीत तर येऊ नका असेही म्हणाल्या नाहीत. मॅडमचे आमच्यावरील उपकार मी आयुष्यात कधीही विसरणार नाही. आज माझा मुलगा थोडे का होईना पण चालू शकतो. यासाठी डॉ. सायली मॅडम, डॉ. चासनाल मॅडम, डॉ. तरल नगदा यांचे मनापासून आभार मानते. तसेच सायली मॅडमच्या क्लिनिकमधील असिस्टंट स्टाफ यांचे देखील आभार.

Atharva Shinde’s Mom

We have been taking our son for physiotherapy since the last 6 years to Ashansa Rehabilitation Center. When my son joined the center he was 7 months old and his neck was not in his control but now he can sit well and also tries to stand without support. His improvement is because of the personal attention and guidance of the staff at Ashansa. I am very happy with the progress of my child. Dr. Sayali Havele and her entire team have been very cooperative & supportive. I thank them and also wish them all the best for the future plans.
Thanks & Regards

Mrs. Kalyani Chandan Chavan

Manasvi is 10 years old and is taking Physio therapy treatment  at Ashansa since June 2016. Over the last 1 year or so she has progressed a lot. Thanks to the entire staff. They have been very supportive and always happy to answer your queries/concerns. The best thing about the center is that it is open for therapy almost thru out the year with adequate therapists and flexible timings. Truly, if you a looking for a place for your child for good Physical therapy, this is the place to be in.

Vijay Choudhari

When our son Siddharth was born he was not able to lift his left hand as it was pulled during normal delivery. He also had VSD in his heart. So he was operated for his VSD when he was 4 months old.
Then when we consulted a hand surgeon he suggested to operate on his hand. Afterwards we took second opinion from a Neuorologist and he suggested to go for physiotherapy and referred Dr.Sayali Havele for the treatment. So we started physiotherapy at Dr.Sayali’s clinic when he was 18 months old. The first development we saw in Siddharth’s hand was that he could lift his hand little bit slowly while playing within a few months. Then gradually we saw development in the movement of Siddharth’s hand as the physiotherapy progressed. Dr. Sayali also changed the excercises as and when needed. As the treatment continued we saw development in the movement of his hand. Now Siddharth can play cricket, and also he can do his regular day to day activities on his own with least assistance.
We are thankful to Dr.Sayali and her team for their sincere and appropriate, positive efforts in Siddharth’s treatment. We also appreciate her quality of giving right opinion on the condition of patient without any false hope. And our best wishes for her future career so that she can create hope for independent life in needed children.
Once again we thank Dr.Sayali for her dedicated efforts towards my son to make him an independent boy.
With best wishes,

Sarang & Preeti Mandle

We started physio therapy for my child Nirvi Shetty who was 28 weeks premature since she was 6 mounths. There was no visible improvement from our previous physiotherapy, so we met Dr.Sayali Havele after my wife’s friend recommended her. She did not have neck holding and was not not able to sit by herself then. Since we started treatment from Dr.Sayali we have seen improvements like neck holding and she can sit by herself now. She can recognize colors and objects now, has started doing hand activities and her standing has also improved. Dr.Sayali gives personal attention to not only our child but every child who come to the clinic though she may not be able to take physiotherapy of every child. She has a very good group of physiotherapists who are doing equally good job under guidance of Dr,Sayali. She constantly monitors and asks her other physiotherapists to make changes or improvement for betterment of all children who come to the clinic. I would say thanks to Dr.Sayali to make my child stand on her feet and all the good work she is doing for improvement of such special children. Keep up the good work and wish you continue the same for ever.

Raghavendra Shetty

Dear Dr. Sayali,

It was 7th April 2016 when we met you for the first time with our son Ishaan who needed you support to overcome the challenges. When you were referred by Dr. Nisha Deshpande and we visited your clinic; we were tensed, worried and could not understand the severity of the case or to tell you very frankly what actually is the problem and way forward.

Your comforting words helped us to overcome the fear and clearly guided us not only professionally as a counselor, but being a friend or a mentor whenever we discussed in length for quick improvements and focus areas or our concerns may be by videos or lay man interpretation of the problem.

It’s one year now and so we as parents of Ishaan really thank you for the prodigious improvements which we have seen and are confident that under your guidance and support he will overcome all the barriers that may restrain him to achieve milestones in future.

Ishaan shares a very different bond with your team and I am sure in due course of time he will feel to be a part of Ashansa family.

Thank you!!!!

Shweta & Akshay Deo

Sayali has great clinical acumen and good decision making and the fact that she is a paediatric neuro therapist she has grown in knowledge as her patients have grown from being kids to young adults.. She is accustomed with newer therapy techniques and her keen interest to offer the best to her patients, has made her travel across the country and get updated by attending various conferences, workshops and meetings.
As a senior therapist with a vast experience of more than a decade, she has a great teamwork with her colleagues and subordinates who work with her. She has been encouraging and supportive towards them and collectively helped many patients to improve their function and quality of life.

Its been great knowing her for past few years now and I have always appreciated her decisions for patient well being and improvement. We have managed to work as a team to help cerebral palsy patients improve their deformities and reach their highest level of functional capacity.

Dr.Chasanal Rathod
Paediatric Orthopaedic Surgeon

Dr.Chasanal Rathod

We are taking therpy for my baby from the last month and have observed significant improvement. Dr Sayali Havele is supportive and expert in this therpy and always encourges new ideas.

Tripti Patil

My son Osborne is 3 years old and all his developmental milestones are delayed. I have been taking him for therapy since he was 6 months old to KEM hospital but there was not much improvement. Then I got him to Dr Sayali Havele’s therapy center and now in a few months we can see the difference in him. He has got better neck control and his back is straighter than before. Dr. Sayali has a wonderful team of therapists who put a lot of efforts to improve our children’s development.

Anjali Saldhana

I am Ravindra Shinde, father of Rutuparna Shinde, Pimpri would like to share my experience at Dr Sayali Havele’s rehabilitation center, Pradhikaran, Pune. I have been visiting Sayali mam from last 14 years and have seen good results in Rutu. I was told from a well known doctor from Pune that he would not show any improvement. But since going to Sayali mam I have found tremendous improvement in my son who was 100% handicap. Until now he has undergone  8 major operations as advised by mam and luckily all are successful. I was in depression but she has counseled me as well as my son due to which I can fight with the problems. Yet we have to operate once more in April after Rutu’s 12th exam. Thanks to her and all her team for bringing my child upto walking stage independently .

Ravindra Shinde

There comes a point in life when you are at a loss of hope and the right direction even though you really want to help your child in all possible ways.

I was exactly at this point of time, desperately looking for someone who could provide me the right assistance, guidance and who could not only ensure my child’s physical and mental development but also assure that his future is secured in order to lead a healthier life, when I was recommended to approach Dr. Sayali Havele at her paediatric rehabilitation centre.

With an extremely professional and knowledgable team and a thoroughly practical approach, she brought our child onto the right path of development. There was no turning back for him since the past 1.5 years as with her therapy and guidance, he showed rapid development in a lesser time than expected.

Dr. Havele and her wonderful team have done a tremendous job through their continuous, dedicated and sincere efforts in helping my child to attain his physical and mental potential.
I often think why I did not meet her before! Nevertheless we are very grateful to have met Dr. Havele.

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the help and professional support during all these testing times! You have stood along with me and my child like a rock and I am confident that his future is secured in your safe hands.

Thank you so much!

Mrs. Mugdha Bhide

My family was very happy when our son came into our life. Everything was going smoothly. But we noticed when our son was 7 month old that he was not holding his neck though he tried and his activities were also very less. Then we discussed the same with our pediatric and she thought the baby was suffering from Mild Hypotonic (low muscle tone). And we were recommended to Dr. Sayali for physiotherapy to our son.
Dr. Sayali examined the baby and without any delay we started physiotherapy. Its frequency was half an hour per day and six days a week.
Just in a week I saw amazing results. Our baby was trying to hold his neck. Though our baby took 2 months for complete neck holding. This gave us huge inspiration and we continued his therapy till he was able to stand.
Dr. Sayali patiently answered our numerous questions, and thoroughly addressed all of our concerns during this period. Her attention and dedication was at the same high level during my first consultation, as it was during my last appointment. I would strongly recommend her to any family and friends, without hesitation.

Shiv Singh Father of a young boy

I have known Sayali for many years – we both work with disabled children and our professions are complementary. She is a very dedicated paediatric physiotherapist with excellent clinical knowledge and therapeutic skills. Moreover, she has compassion and empathy for both the children she works with and their parents. Sayali puts the interest of the child first, and never hesitates to discuss clinical problems with therapists of other disciplines if she believes it will help the child. I have always found her to be very supportive, cooperative and sincere.

Mrs. Pam Gandekar Paediatric Occupational Therapist, Pune

Dr. Sayali Havele is extremely committed and proactive in her work. My daughter was taking therapy from her when she could not hold her neck properly. She is walking now for which me and my family cannot thank Sayali enough! She is very positive & always encourages new ideas and has passion for her work. She genuinely cares for the children she works with.

Harshita Jaisinghani Mother of a young girl

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Ashansa Neurological Rehabilitation Center was founded by Dr. Sayali Havele in 2001. Sayali graduated from Sancheti College of Physiotherapy, Pune. She holds a master's degree in Pediatric Physiotherapy from University of Pune. She has done basic course in NDT i.e Neuro Developmental Treatment and also done advanced courses, like Baby Course and Gait & Movement Analysis and Problem Solving. She has experience of over 15 years in this field. She is attached to Unique Hospital, Chinchwad (Pune) as Early Interventional therapist. She has earlier worked in Dwidal School of multiple disabled children as well as in Ankur School which is an inclusive school.